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    Monthly Assignment Competition
    Each month our members get an assignment to shoot. Each member shoots an image matching that month's theme and submits it to the club's email address (​ [email protected] ) a week before the meeting date. Images may be taken up to 90 days in advance of that month's meeting. The assignment images are compiled into a gallery, put on our website and our Facebook page; then members are asked to vote via email on their favorite image. The winner is announced the following week at the monthly meeting and will receive a free 16x20 print from Digital Pro Lab in San Antonio. The winning image is displayed on our home page until the next month. At the meeting, we view the images on a projection screen. Each photographer may offer their thoughts on their artistic process and get feedback and constructive criticism from the other members.

    Members are also invited to submit up to two additional images: one in color and one in black and white. These may be from your archives and do not need to match the monthly assignment theme (though they can if you like). All images will be presented at our monthly meeting where you will have a chance to get feedback on your image(s) as well as provide your thoughts on others' image(s).  

    At the end of the year, all of the winning images from each month will be voted upon and a Photo of the Year will be chosen. The yearly winner will have their dues paid and have their image displayed on our home page for the following year.
    Assignment Themes For 2019
    ***NO THEME***
    Environmental Portraits
    Due by 
    January 6th
    February 3rd
    March 3rd
    March 31st 
    May 5th
    May 31st
    June 30th
    August 4th
    September 1st
    October 6th
    November 3rd
    December 1st
    Voting open on
    January 7th
    February 4th
    March 4th
    April 1st 
    May 6th
    July 1st
    August 5th
    September 2nd
    October 7th
    November 4th
    December 2nd
    Voting closes on
    January 13th
    February 10th
    March 10th
    April 7th 
    May 12th
    July 7th
    August 11th
    September 8th
    October 14th
    November 10th
    December 8th
    Winner announced on
    January 14th
    February 11th
    March 11th
    April 8th 
    May 13th
    July 8th
    August 12th
    September 9th
    October 15th
    November 11th
    TBD holiday party
    ***NO THEME***
    There will be no Assignment photo for June. For June's program only, Digital Pro Lab  will evaluate up to 4 photos for each member at our monthly meeting on June 10th. Submit any 4 photos that you wish to print in the future via https://wetransfer.com to [email protected]  to have your images evaluated. These can be all color or all black and white, or a combination of both. Your photos can be taken anytime and must be sent at full print resolution.  Digital Pro Lab will evaluate each image and tell you which paper and size would best match. Images must be received by May 31st.
    Name your Photos and Resize for Submission
    A week before the meeting, the current month's Assignment photos will be due. If you wish to submit photos for review at our next meeting, please send them via email to ​​​​​​​[email protected].
    • You may send in one image for the assignment theme and it must have been taken within the last 90 days.
    • ​You may submit an additional color photo and an additional black and white photo from your archives and neither have to be related to the theme (though they certainly can if you like).  
    • Attach your images to the email, do not insert them in the email.  
    • Your images must be in JPEG format.
    • No watermarks (we vote anonymously).
    • Image size should preferably be a minimum of 1440 pixels on the longest side.
    • The print resolution should preferably be set at 72 ppi.
    • Keep file size small as best you can, saving your jpg at Quality 10 is adequate.

    Name your photos as follows for Monthly Submissions​​
    (Capitalize as Shown)
    Assignment-Name of Your Picture-Your Full Name
              Example: Assignment-Waterfall in Park-Joe Smoe.jpg
    B&W-Name of Your Picture-Your Full Name
              Example: B&W-Waterfall in Park-Joe Smoe.jpg
    Color-Name of Your Picture-Your Full Name
              Example: Color-Waterfall in Park-Joe Smoe.jpg

    After submission, Assignment, Black and White, and Color images will be uploaded to our website into separate galleries. The Assignment images will also be shared on our Facebook page and Meetup site. An email will be sent out with a link to the images requesting your vote on the Assignment images only. Assignment images will be displayed with a number and title so that you will not know which photographer gets your vote. Send your vote to [email protected] with the number of the photo for which you are voting. Please do not vote for your own picture; any vote cast for your own photo will be disqualified. Members votes will be compiled and the winning photo will be announced at the meeting and posted on the homepage until the next monthly meeting. After the winner is announced, all photographers' name will be added to the assignment images on the website gallery.